Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The ABC's of Me: part3 K-P

K is for Keurig: I love, love, love my Keurig coffee pot! I don't consider myself to be a coffee snob, but I love the fresh new cup every time ...plus I can change flavors with every cup if I want :) I'm not positive how I survived without it this long!!

L is for Lisa Marie Presley: Love Me Tender, Burning Love, Suspicious Minds and All Shook Up. Yes, my parents were Elvis Presley fans...hence my name, Lisa Marie!

M is for manatees: These gentle giants have been my favorite animals since I was young. I've gone to Florida since I was little and never get tired of watching these peaceful creatures...they're so ugly they're cute 
N is for Nook: At first I was skeptical because I like having the old fashioned paper copy in my hand, but I've been converted! I love being able to grab a book wherever I am as we'll as being able to have ANY book I want at my fingertips. Having my Nook (and the ability to access my Nook books) wherever I am has changed the way I read...and I LOVE it! 

O is for the ocean: The ocean is my favorite place to be! The beautiful blue-green water,the salt on my lips, sand between my toes and waves crashing on the shore. No matter what's going on in my world the ocean takes it all away...so explain why I live in the Midwest?!

P is for Pinterest: I will admit that I'm an addict here! I love crafts; sewing, scrap booking, decoration and partying so this is my go-to for ideas. There are so many ideas and so little time. Happy Pinning my friends!!