Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Remembering 2014

While we're never to dwell on the past it's the past that makes us what we are... that is why I think it's so important each year to look back and remember. Remember the good and the bad, the hardtimes and the joys, laughter and the tears because each of those make us into what we are today.

We had endings and new beginnings,, weddings and deaths, grow in age, stage, spirit, and life in general.  With each passing year, I'm amazed at how life changes. My children continue to get older while I remain ageless (amazing how that is!). I feel as if I change daily... I am far less tolerant (which is very scary), I don't let silly things bother me anymore though, I am far less adventurous (which is hard to believe because I'm not the adventure seeker in the first place), and I'm learning a lot about myself

So without further adoo.. I give you 2014...

               Season#1 with Carmel Pups travel baseball... such a great group of kids and parents; struggled in the wins department, but they were a great team filled with laughter regardless! 

                                   Cincinatti Reds!! Always up for a trip to cheer on the Reds! 

                           New beginnings when my cousin Zach married his beautiful bride, Fumika at my
  parent's farm.  It was beautifu in so many ways.  Crazy to think that my cousins are so much younger     than I am, but so neat to have been there and am able to enjoy it all now. 

Family pictures! Are you kidding? It's been 3 years since we were subjected to family pictures?! Ugh, I can't believe I'm doing this again, but our buddy Mike is so good that he can shave off pounds, add smiles to our faces and create children that can stand beside one another without killler each other.  

I can't believe that I have a child that's a sophomore in high school and a fifth grader that's going to be going into middle school soon.  Cole is ready to drive and I'm afraid there's not enough alcohol in the world for this mom to to accept that he's growing up this quickly!

We weren't anle to make it to Georgia during the summer, but we made a trip down in December to celebrate Christmas and hug on the cousins.


As the year winds down, I think of all the amazing things we've been able to do and all the things we've been able to share.  As I said, there have been tears and joys, deaths and new life, but through it alll we know that God is present in our lives and we're blessed beyond what we deserve.  So as we bid farewell to 2014 I say thank you Lord for all that we've learned, thank you for those we've loved and those we've lost and continue to bless us in 2015! 


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Where you are on purpose...

Have you ever wondered how you got to where you are today? Why have you dealt with the pain that you've had? Why have you been blessed with so much? Where did the strength, courage, wisdom come from?  Where  did the fear and worry come from?

       And the Lord said, " I know the plans I made for you.  Plans to prosper you      and not to harm you, plans for a future."

I've done a lot of thinking recently...thinking about life, what happens and why it happens.  I know that God is in control of my life and I know that he always has my best interest at heart, but I must admit that there are times when I simply wonder if he knows what he's doing.  On those days when it seems I have a storm cloud hanging over my head, days when the pain seems to be too much to bare, those days when I have lost all faith in myself and everyone around me. It's those days when I need Him closer to my side, sticking to me like glue and holding me tight.  It's those days that I realize how important it is to be in the Word and to trust him with everything I have in me.  It's those days that I realize being human without God is horrible miserable impossible!!


So it is these times when I realize how important it is to be in the Word, pray without ceasing, clothe ourselves in righteousness and surrround ourselves with brothers and sisters in Christ.  

Dear Heavenly Father, you are worthy to be praised and adored.  It is from you and because of you that I have received everything that I have.  I pray, Lord Jesus, that you will continue to wrap your loving arms around me.  Continue to walk beside me and continue to carry me when I stumble.  Lord Jesus, forgive me for all those times I've neglected you and all the times I turn from you when I know what I should be doing. 

Father Jesus, please open my eyes that I might see your beauty all around me.  Open my ears that I might here your gentle whisper in all that I do.  Open my heart that I might be willing to love, honor and obey you all of my days.