Thursday, June 13, 2013

A DIY kinda Day

You know all those really cool pins that you have saved from Pinterest? You know the ones that you swore you'd try? Me too!! I've had such good intentions but just haven't been as productive as I'd like to be so today I vowed to do at least two pinned items!!

First item: DIY Washer Bracelet
 Super easy and super cute!  All you need are some washers from the hardware store and some 3/4" ribbon.  I think I'm going to make more and color the washers! How fun!

Second item: DIY Washer Necklace 
Another super easy and super cute piece! All you need is a washer, fun scrapbook paper, diamond glaze and cord! Modge podge your scrapbook page onto the washer and with an exacto knife trim out the center. Then you'll cover the top with you diamond glaze and set it aside to dry! When dried attach a cord and any other accessories you like to embellish it. I can see many more of these!! 

So what kind of pins have you completed recently? Do you have a few you're dying to try? Let me know!!