Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The ABC's of Me: part2 F-J

Another day has come and gone, but I'm surviving! Hope life's treating you well. As I promised, here's more of the ABC's of Me:

F is for FlipFlops: I live in them! My hubby is always making fun of me because if it's not snowing I'm wearing flip flops...rain or shine! My tootsies like to breathe (plus there are so many adorable flip flops to wear!)

G is for Georgia: My brother in law and his family live in southern Georgia and it's one of our favorite places to go. My sister in law is the 5th generation to run her family's pecan farm (pronounced pee-can) and it's 1500 acres of boy heaven! Four wheelers, guns, armadillos, and so much more.

H is for Home Sweet Home: In 1997, my husband and I built our "starter" home and total I insist to him that it was our forever home! It's not huge, but it's OURS. Over the years I've tweaked it, added to it and put 900 square feet of deck in the back. We moved in on our first anniversary and have two boys in this home! Our home sweet home!
I is for ice cream: I love ice cream and clearly my poor body shows that I like it (and the wine ). Mint Chocolate Chip and I'm in heaven!! Yum yum!

J is for Jesus: My Lord and Savior and the reason I live. I am a proud Christian and I believe wholeheartedly that Jesus Christ has brought through things in my life I could never handle on my own.