Saturday, June 15, 2013

Baseball weekend in Cincinnati

If you have children in sports you understand that it's a love hate relationship...I love to watch my son play baseball, but I hate spending three days in the sun watching game after game!  Needless to say, that's what this weekend had been all about! So Friday morning at 7:45 am we headed out from Indianapolis to play a tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio.

 This was our start...
Fortunately, it was not that my husband was speeding down the interstate (although I think he was) but we had a massive tire blowout! An hour and 3 police officers later we finally got all the lug nuts off and we're back on our way.

We were late for the first game, but we're guaranteed to play four games so no worries!

Sun blazing down on us for back to back games and we got crushed! Ugh! So a couple drinks later and we went to the Red's game where we knew we'd be happy! Have you ever taken 12 nine year old boys, their siblings and parents to a MLB game...hysterical!

Saturday at 1:30pm we're onto game #3. Boys are ready! Hyped up! Excited and ready to play ball...
Unfortunately, the other team was much more ready...lost 0-15. Next game in five hours at 8:30pm...give me strength!

Poor boys played with such heart, such joy and such determination...thank goodness for the parents; the diamonds sell alcohol! Ha Ha Ha!

As I tell my son, "As long as you do your best and have fun I don't care if you lose every game you play"...I do mean that, but for 9 year old boys it's hard to digest!