Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Morning Motivation


I know that for many of us, Monday Mornings are a rough start to the week... but they keep on coming! That's why I came up with the Monday Morning Motivation so that I am assured to start the week off in the right frame of mind.  So grab your favorite cup of coffee and a comfy seat and join me for the Monday Morning motivator...


                                               This cup may not even be large enough for today! 

If you've read my blog at all you know that I've been a busy woman over the past few years... went back to school and got a dual license in Elementary Education and Special Education as well as started my own little business call Repurposed with A Purpose.  Both of these things have been a joy and a headache challenge at times.  Well right now the teaching thing is giving me the most stress.  Unfortunately, I know lots of great people looking to get a classroom to call their own and there just don't seem to be enough classrooms for all of us :(.  My girlfriend who also teaches has told me repeatedly "Don't stress out, they hire even after schoool starts" but in my mind I'm hearing ... "you spent a lot of time and money to get these degrees and you can't find a job?!"

I know, I know she's right and I'm wrong, but I'm just not a patient person.  So if you know a principal that is in need of a hard-working, punctual, determined, creative, super cool, super fun, super awesome teacher tell them to  give me a call...ASAP!

Until then, I'm going to continue making some signs, building benches and tables, and relaxing by painting and creating...