Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Morning Motivator

I know that Monday mornings are not the easiest and darn it they just keep coming!  This is why I decided to come up with my Monday Morning Motivation...a way to start the week off right.  Grab your favorite cup of Joe, a comfy seat and join me for a little Monday Morning encouragement...

This morning, I'm stealing my encouragement from my friend and WTHR news woman, Nicole Pence ( if you don't watch WTHR what's wrong with you?!) just kidding, but if you watch you already notice that Nicole is always an upbeat, smiling face filled with positive thoughts and words...believe me this is her everyday personality not just an on air persona!

Anyway, I've gotten side tracked :). This morning this is what Nicole posted on Facebook :

God created each of us to be an original; special, unique and perfect, so why must we'd try so desperately to fit in and be like everyone else?!  The pressure to be a copy of someone else is so intense! As I spend each day walking the halls of a middle school, I am reminded of how hard it is to survive each day. At this time in our lives, many of us didn't realize how special we were and how we were created just as we are for a reason.

My goal today...and for many days to follow, is to remember that I was created uniquely perfect by the One who knows much better than me! I am a one of a kind original and no one is as good at being me than me so I'll make today the best I can and make me the best ME that I can be...