Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Morning Motivator

Thank you, God for opening my eyes to see another day!

I know that Monday mornings can be a tough thing...and darn it, they keep coming around.  This is why I decided that I need a little motivation to get things started off on the right foot.  So grab your favorite cup of joe, a comfy seat and join me for a little Monday Morning Motivation...

This weekend I was truly blessed to be in the honor of real life heroes.  Men, women and children that have given the ultimate sacrifice...their life! Saturday evening I attended the Patriot Gala which was to benefit The Folds of Honor organization.  The Folds of Honor takes care of  military families of fallen or wounded soldiers.  On this evening, I heard from a mother of five who received that dreaded knock on the door saying that her fighter pilot husband would not return home to their family.  Not only did his F16 get shot down his body was not with the wreckage.  Left without the love of her life and five children under 10 years of age what was she going to do?  Folds of Honor gave this family the support that they needed to wake up day after day and then they gave each child a full scholarship for their future college! Ginger now has a support system of people all over the world and the freedom of knowing her kids futures are taken care of.