Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 13 of 2013...

As another year winds to a close I'm taking a few moments to remember all the joys, tears, successes and fears of 2013.  Some reminscing is to keep it from happening again (hopefully) while other is to not forget the blessings that have been poured out on us!


13).  Multiple trips to visit the Georgia Bakers!  It's always filled with craziness, laughter, fun and sometimes tears, but always full of adventure!


12). Baseball, Baseball and more baseball! This was our first year to experience travel baseball... not always a great experiennce, but we learned SOOO much!

11).  Cole started HIGH SCHOOL! I know that I'm not old enough to have a kid in high school, but Jake is (ha! ha! ha!- sorry but you're older than me, hubby).  I guess it  worries a mom more than the kid.  Cole survived had a great first semester in high  school so we'll hope that 2014 brings an even better 2nd semester.

10). Folds of Honor and the Indiana Patriot Cup.  In August, we were blessed to be a part of the Indiana Folds of Honor and raise money with Mike and Janine for families of wounded or killed soldiers.  The evening brought smiles as we listened to the children explain how they've been blessed by this organization and tears as we hear how they've lost so much to get these blessings.


9). Year number two at Zionsville West Middle School for me! So  grateful to be asked back to the school  that I've come to know and love- even better  I've been able to do my student teaching here where I know the kids and teachers!

8). My mom got a new job and is now working at Purdue University where she graduated from.  She's loved the atmosphere there and seems to be much happier which is a blessing.  

7).  Passed my Praxis exams (almost!). In order to get my teaching licenses,  I had multiple exams to take and I passed my final Special Education Praxis the first time out with flying colors and them the Elementary Education all content wasn't bad either ... except the MATH! Darn  it for those stupid numbers!! Passed all but the math on the first time out- took a couple  more tries onn that one.

6).  Golf, golf,  and more golf! NOT ME... oh no!! While I continue to stink at the sport, my boys are falling deeper and deeper in love with it as well as getting pretty good.  Wherever we go, it seems we have to find a golf course.  Cole was even able to  play in a Master's Junior Tournament which was an amazing experience.

5).  Repurposed With a Purpose. This fall I decided to sell some of the creations that I've been making...it was a huge hit! In a three week period I sold 13 of the "You are my Sunshine" signs! I hope it continues into 2014.

4). Kitty Coco joined our home in October 2013. Poor little babe was found in a dumpster with his brother at 2 weeks old. I nursed him, fed him with a bottle and fell in love so little kitty Coco is now a part of our family!

3). Family, family, family!

2). Laughter, lattes and love. I've not always been good about staying current with my blogging but it has been an enjoyable experience. What a fun way to share and communicate with people you've never met! My goal for 2014 is to be more consistent and keep in touch with my blogging world a little better than I did in 2013.

1). Wishes for blessings in 2014!!