Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Morning Motivation


I know that for many of us, Monday Mornings are a rough start to the week... but they keep on coming! That's why I came up with the Monday Morning Motivation so that I am assured to start the week off in the right frame of mind.  So grab your favorite cup of coffee and a comfy seat and join me for the Monday Morning motivator...

As we draw nearer to Christmas Day, I continually need to force myself to remember what the real reason of this season is.  The hustle and bustle can often distract us from what is truly important and I try to be aware of that throughout this month.  This month at church our pastor is focusing on Ephesians 2 and the verse of "Come now long expected Savior" and that is what Advent is.  

The word Advent means "waiting" which is what we are doing as Christians.  We are waiting for the 2nd coming of Christ just as they were waiting for a Savior to come before us.  


So as I start this 3rd week of Advent, I am going to try to slow down and remember what this season is truly about.  I want to remember that this time of year is about family... about love... and about people, but most importantly about a beautiful baby boy that was born to save the world from eternal damnation!  Thank you God for sending your son, to save me!