Saturday, August 10, 2013

Last weekend of summer

I can't believe the days of yoga pants, t-shirts and flip flops is about to me over!!! Ahhhhh, I can't wear work clothes again!

Seriously though I do look forward to heading back to school to see all the rug rats munchkins  kiddos! I also look forward to some real routine back in my life...getting up early and being at work by 7:30 am is gonna' ****!

I love teaching so that I can have my summers off and be with my kids, but sometimes it's sooo hard going back! Half day Monday, no kids Tuesday and full kids and chaos on Wednesday...gonna need that Monday morning motivation this week for sure :)

What is your routine for getting the kids ready to go back to school after summer break? Do you change bedtimes? Do you make them begin reading again (since they didn't do it all summer- ha ha we all know)? Give us your tricks...