Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Snow, Snow Go Away


As much as I hate to complain because I know it could always be worse harder nastier longer ... Let's just face it, winter and I are NOT friends and that's just all there is to it.  With that being said, enough is truly enough!

I try very hard not to allow myself to dwell on the gloomy, dreary, cold, damp, dark and miserable months of January and February, but I also know that it affects me mentally and physically.  This winter has been cold and snowy... for far too long.  The kids have been trapped inside for far too long.  The grass has been white for far too long.  I strongly dislike (because HATE is a very strong word that I reserve only for the devil himself- winter is a close 2nd though) WINTER.

As I get older wiser more mature I find that many things affect me differently than they ever did before and I think the dreary cold winter is pushing it.  I need more vitamin D than I used to in order to keep my cheerful smile so bring on the springtime! Bring on the flowers, the flip-flops, the sunshine... bring on SPRING!