Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015... Resolutions or Remembering


             Another year has come and gone! Here's to all we've done and alll we wished we'd done...      
                                              Hope it was a good one for you and yours!

So in the new year do you make resolutions? Do you have a list of things you wish you'd done in the previous year and things that you're proomising yourself that you'lll do this coming year? Do you make resolutions?  

Ok, so there are tons many hundreds way too many philosophies on making resolutions and I have my own opinion; and it's just that- MY opinion.  I don't necessarilly make resolutions, but I do like to think back on the past year and where I've been.  Then to think about where I'd reallly like to be.  Unfortunatly, are always things that I wish I'd been better about and things that I know I need to improve... hello, I'm human and I mess up here and there.  So my goal with the first days of the new year is to look back and determine if I'm where I truly want to be... how do I make those changes?! 

This year I've decided that I'm going to actually make a few New Year's Resolutions... these have to be actual reachable goals and it will be one goal in each of four categories: Just for me, For my family, For my spirit and For my Community.

   Just for me: to get myself healthier. I know, I said it needs to be achievable and specific
(kind of like an IEP 😀- insert special education humor). As I quickly approach the BIG 4-0 this
year, I know that there are some things that I simply need to be aware of and do. First of all, I MUST drink more water. This willl solve a variety of problems from dry skin, weight loss, headaches and more so how easy is it to  just drink more water?! (and probably less alcohol 😂) Secondly, I mustt spend less time on my technologyy and more time off my butt.  There are some things that I really enjoy doing on my iPad and I can't do it at work so I deserve some technology time at home, but not so much that it interferes with my family... and hopefully, they'll see me and follow suit.

For my Family: we MUST spend more quality time together. None of us are getting
younger- kids grow up so darn fast and the time we have with them as kids will never be able to be replaced so how in the world do we do this?! This is where the Technology Problem gets addressed


No more coming home and sitting in front of the TV with everyone on their own devices; phones, iPads, ereaders etc. it's time to limit annd put it away! I'm making us a time out container for devices and from a certain hour each evening all of the devices will go into the locked box! We're going to learn to talk to one another, play games or just simply watch TV together because even that no longer happens.

For my Spirit: It's time to get back to what reallly counts... what really makes a difference and what I know I need in my life.  Seems to fit in with the other two categories... I've allowed technology to crowd out things that I should be doing and as I approach a new stage in my life 
it's time to get it together.  I will start my morning in the Word- doesn't have to be me openning my Bible, it can be a daily devotion or even my text from God app, but start with His word not mine.  Also I will spend my morning commute with the Lord. Why wouldn't I use the 20 minute drive talking to Him, praying over my day and preparing myself to enter this crazy worlld we live in?! 


For my Community: my community covers a ton of ground... it includes my school, my neighborhood, my city, my state and my world. Clearly, it's not going to be easy to change the world--- or is it?! What I do to change my community will impact everything from my home to my world and this is my goal.  I spent too little time doing for those less fortunate than myself or simply doing for someone other than myself and that MUST change ASAP.  In my school, I will help without whining, pickup extra tasks with a smile and be an encourager not a discourager.  In my neighborhood, I will be a better neighbor. No more hiding iin my own home and instead I will say hello, help when they don't ask and be a friend to those around me! in my city, I will do  what I can in my children's schools and in my state I will volunteer at Gleaners and HeartChange.  For my world, it will be more difficult because what I believe will impact the world most is my mouth.  I don't always agree with the decisions of our leaders and the ways of our world, but even God commands us to understand authority and pray not bash.  Prayer is what our world and our leaders need not hate, or bashing or discouraging words and this is what I willl work hard at doing.

Wow, it's going to be an amazing 2015! So much to do, so much to experience and so much to love.

                                  Happy New Year and let's make 2015 amazing!