Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bring on spring...

With the official start of spring just a week away I am appalled  saddened to see piles of snow still covering the ground! I hate to whine and complain say it, but this winter has really wore me out.  My feet are crying for flip flops and my legs are begging for a different shade of white!!

You see, the boys and I have different Spring Break schedules this year (insert cheering and screaming ) and I have a HUGE list of things I hope to accomplish while I'm home alone.  I want to paint, go to the grocery ALONE, get a massage, organize my teaching materials by subject and theme, get a manicure and pedicure, restock my inventory for and maybe even enjoy some "girly" TV shows in peace 
and quiet.

None the less, this cold and miserable weather that we've had this winter has caused my husband to make an unexpected road trip vacation during my Spring Break.  Don't get me wrong, I NEED some sunshine and I do LOVE visiting the Georgia Bakers,  but what about MY plans?!  What about MY time?! MY list?! Well, MY list is gone and instead it's headed to Georgia for some much needed sunshine.

Incase you haven't heard me talk about it before, when we go to Georgia we go the Cannon Branch Farrms.  This is 1500 acres of pecan orchard that my brother in law runs for his wife's family.  They are the 5th generation to run this land and we're lucky enough to get to come play on it! We spend our time riding 4 wheelers and Polaris Rangers, hunting armadillos and other rodents, eating pecans from the ground and anything else our heart desires because the farm equals FREEDOM.  

My boys learned how to shoot a gun about a year ago (once I realized they were capable of holding it and not shooting me).  We enjoy taking target practice with barrels out in the orchards and then hunting destructive rodents and animals at night.  Did you know that an armadillo can single handedly knock a pecan tree down because it burrows under the trees? Those pesky possums and raccoons carry so many diseases and illnesses that we're not to fond of them either.  

Besides all the will games and hunts, there are the cousins.  My brother and sister in law have what we affectionately call a circus.  The oldest is a girl age 6, followed by a boy that's 4 and then lastly twin girls which are 2 years old.  It's crazy. Chaos.  FUN! Add our two boys and we have a wild party every single day we're together.  

So I didn't get my room painted or my nails done, and I didn't get to make some inventory for my little store or go to the grocery all alone, but I had a good Spring Break.  I was able to be with family. I was able to hear constant laughter. I was able to make memories that are far more valuable than MY list.