Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lost Valley Ranch

Oh  how time does fly... this last few months have been filled with so many ups and downs. With the passing of my father in law, the end of the school year, the search for a certified teaching position there's been a flood of emotions.


As I type this page I am waiting for yet another flood to begin. The plane has just pushed up to the gate and soon we will board.  When we land we will in Colorado.  For 20+ years he had taken his family to  Lost Valley Ranch in Colorado and this was his last wish before he passed away... a wish he had hoped to see come true.  For a week my husband and his brother will reunite with their families and mother where they began all their own family vacations.  

For me, there not an enormous amount of emotion in this trip. It's not my vacation. It's not my memories that will be rehashed. For my husbandd it is very diifferent.  Each time he gets on the back of a horse he's going to remember how much his father loved riding.  He's going to wear his cowboy hat and know that his mother would rather see it on his dad. Each time he enjoys himself he's going to remember how much this pllace was one of his dad's favorite places in the world.

For me, this will be all about memories with MY family and with MY boys. I'll be watching them go up and down the mountains for the first time.  I'll be watching them square dance in their boots and hike to Sheep's Rock for the sunset over the mountains.  For me, this will be a beautiful sight through MY boy's eyes.  For my husband, it will be bitter sweet.

So as I prepare to board the plane in a few minutes, I pray for safety as we fly, but also for safety for our hearts.  To guard the hearts of my family as they are feeling the painful flood of memories coming back, but also to open their hearts to the creation of new and beautiful memories with our family.