Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Fever

If you were to ask my husband, I get the itch to change decor constantly all the time daily  on a fairly regular basis. I don't like to get bored!!  Well I think I'm getting the itch... Let's call it Spring Fever!

He has to admit that I've  WANTED to make changes a few changes for a couple of years but I've resisted. Now it's going to be BIG though 😁.

My downstairs is old, boring, blah and totally outdated. It's nice. Comfortable. Alright. Now it needs to be awesome 🎨! I wanted to go from boring being to a grand gray color scheme. Trouble is picking the gray...

I want to find the perfect gray to go with our dark chocolate sofa (that way hubby can't tell too much) and I think I can keep some of my Williamsburg blue colors as accents but can add some yellows in the spring and summer then some reds in the winter. Sounds nice right?! It will be, I'm sure!


So many choices! So much to do! I'm guessing I'll have to wait until school is out...then I'll be hauling boys to baseball and golf and swimming and work and...

Someday 💓... Keep checking back and I'll keep you posted!