Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Frenzy

When  there's a crispness in the air and the leaves begin to turn to a beautiful shade of red and orange, I'm in heaven... I love it when we can wear a sweatshirt and curl up under a blanket at the football game.


When you're a teacher, there's also a special time in the fall... FALLL BREAK! This year it works out that I'm on break at a different time then my boys which means that I get two days all to myself.  Or so I thought.  For my first day of break I had intended to do absolutely nothing... relax, take a bath, and do nothing worthwhile, but it seems that other people had other plans for me.  I started my morning by tutoring one of my freshman students at 9am (which meant I had to be awake and clean- 1st thing that I had not planned on that early).  Then I knew that the laundry was getting out of control so it shouldn't be to hard to start a load or two, right?!  As the laundry was rolling around in the machine I got a call from my dad that was going to create even more unexpected work for me.  Yes, I answered the call anyway.  So next I'm cleaning all of my carpets because my parents rented a carpet cleaner and only need it for 1hr out of the 24hour rental...

                                            WORK, WORK, WORK over my fall break!

                                Well that was day 1, but I vowed that day 2 would be better!

So my plan for day 2 was going to be RELAX, RELAX, and more RELAX!  The morning started with some coffee and The Today Show followed by Grey's Anatomy that was saved from two nights earlier. HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH!  This is what I had planned for fall break.  Next a nice, long, HOT shower followed by a little more relaxation (I didn't want to wear myself out too quickly).  So I did plan on doing something productive today so I cut some wood, did a little sanding and even a little painting.

So what I thought might wind up as a bummer of a break has ended up as a positive... productive and beneficial.  Tomorrow is family picture day and that's a whole other can of ugly...