Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DIY Pallet Creations

Well I hinted at this, but I bet some of you (much like my husband) said "what in the world is she doing?" I'm being creative! I love to make myself treasures from other people's trash and recently I began seeing so many people making cool things from old pallets and barn wood so of ourselves, I thought...I can do that!

I started by having my husband bring me some pallets from his work and then the hard part began.  Some pallets, I completely tore apart and others I just cut to my desired size with the circular saw.

Once I decided what shape I wanted I hammered it all together and got the belt sander and gave it a good smooth finish. The first thing I made was a bench. I knew I wanted something fun...a different look than just  plain old  boring wood. I taped, I painted, I let dry, then I put a coat of polyurethane on the whole thing. Now I'm in love (and my girlfriend wants one too!)

I also got a little crazy and made myself a rustic looking wine rack from a pallet. Bottles of wine fit into the shelf and wine glasses hang from the bottom. Too fun!

Lastly (for now because I'm out of pallet:), I bulked up some plain picture frames.  I've been experimenting with layering multiple frames to create extra dimension so now I added some pallet pieces behind for just a little bit more...

I have had soooooo much fun with my creations! My husband thinks I'm crazy a little different, but he seems to be impressed.  I've got plans for a few more creations so stay tuned! How about you? What do you think about my creations? Have you made any similar things from pallets? Share with us all!