Saturday, August 9, 2014

Times Up...

Gone are the carefree days with no requirements, no time constaints, and no one telling us what to do... it's back to school!


There's a part of me that is thrilled elated excited  ready for school to start, but there's a very small, itty bitty, teeny weeny part of me that says "You've got to be kidding? Already?"  The part that's ready desperately desires structure and routine ( you guessed it, that's all me and not really my kids- or so they think).  It's nice to have carefree days where we can do whatever we want whenever we want, but the boys need some routine that summer just doesn't seem to bring. 

That other part of me... the teeny weeny part, that can't believe it's time to go back is the part that knows I didn't get all the items on my summer to-do list done.  Oh I had so many goals... so many plans... so many aspirations... and so few of them got done :(.  Can I blame my boys? It was all those baseball games! The golf lessons and matches! The constant cooking and cleaning! NOPE!! Those things were awesome- far more important (except the cooking and cleaning part and we all know I really didn't do much of that anyway.)

Honestly the most exhausting  stressful part of summer was the fact that I didn't have a job lined up for the fall.  I am so proud of what I did to finish my teaching license, but the scary part is knowing that now I really must find a "real" job. Time to beat the streets, sell myself, and find a job! Not an easy task... Just about the time I thought I had it all figured out, I didn't.  Fortunately, for me I have an amazing friend that continually reminds me to hang in there! I don't know what I'd do without Janine (ok, I  probably would drink WAY too much, complain WAY too much and feel WAY too sorry for myself).  Thank you Janine for saving everyone from ME!

Just about the time that I've given up, God sends me an angel.  A principal friend that says "If you want a job, you've got it at my school!"  Have you ever gone from panic and worry to totally elated in a matter of seconds?! That's what happened to me! Thank you, God for always knowing what I need and when... even though I think I do and clearly don't!

So next week it's


for most of my house.  It's back to routine, back to schedules, back to reality for 75% of my house.  Lord help us to get up early, dress in normal clothes and speak in civil tones to those we see before 9am.